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Online Ministry Certificate Programs

Ministry Certificate Requirements

Online Ministry Certificate Programs

Advance Your Calling with a Ministry Certificate

Our flexible, online ministry certificate programs are designed to equip you with specialized knowledge to help you accomplish your Kingdom calling.

Each certificate program contains five online courses (a total of 15 credit hours) that you can select from using the ministry course options listed or your course selection can be customized to meet your specific interests and ministry education goals.

Each of our online ministry certificates is designed to help you fulfill your Kingdom calling – wherever that might be. The thousands of students who have benefited from our courses use the specialized knowledge they gain in churches, ministries, classrooms and even in the marketplace. Ministry is wherever you are. Earning a ministry certificate will help you on your journey to “go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19)” however the Lord has called you to accomplish this Kingdom mission.

Online Ministry Certificate Benefits


Ready to get started? Apply now 📲 and begin your courses right away with our convenient open-enrollment system. There are no ``semester`` or ``session`` start dates to wait for!

How Long Will it Take Me to Complete My Ministry Certificate?

Your Terms. Your Time.

Our online courses are designed with busy, adult learners in mind. Begin your courses right away and complete them at the pace that fits your lifestyle. How quickly you complete each course depends on your schedule.

  • Gain in-depth, specialized ministry knowledge.

  • Learn practical ministry applications to use wherever the Lord has positioned you to build His Kingdom – churches, ministry organizations, classrooms, government or even the marketplace.

  • Complete this online ministry certificate while balancing your work and family commitments.

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